In honor of us heading to to pub quiz tonight instead of doing all the things we need to do, see if you can get the trivia questions that we couldn’t get (and a couple we guessed right on). No cheating now kids (google, for our purposes, is not your friend!). We’ll post the right answers in the comments soon.

1. What river is the only river to flow in both the northern and southern hemispheres?

2. What country has the largest man-made waterfall?

3. What European capital’s name means “Merchant’s Harbor”?

4. What country in Europe has the longest continuous royal family?

5. What city is still threatened by Mt. Vesuvius?

6. What country was Elvis stationed in in 1958?

7. In what country do they drive on both the left and right side of the road?

Post your guesses/answers in the comments, and we’ll post the right answers in due time, though surely you’ll have them all answered before then!