Two to Tango

Who could go to Buenos Aires and not take in a tango show? Well, we couldn’t. But we were hoping to avoid a big Vegas style show, after all, we don’t need to see horses on stage, as one of the shows advertised. We were hoping to find an intimate, authentic “feeling,” high caliber show to enjoy. Turns out that Cafe Tortoni, a Buenos Aires institution and on the must-do tourist circuit itself (though the locals would say its a bit too touristy for its own good), has tango shows that sounded about exactly what we were looking for, so we took the plunge. We found it to be exactly what we were looking for. Great dancers, great musicians, an intimate setting, and a bit of variety all added up to a fantastic evening. Since it all looked so cool, I was busy playing photographer (Theresa says I need to tell you to click to make it bigger, but I think you all are smart enough to figure that out … and let us know how the photos work out, we’re trying something a little different).

So if you’re in BA and somewhat daunted by the myriad of shows available, Cafe Tortoni is a great bet.