A Bit of Shameless Self Promotion

So as you may have noticed when checking out our comments, I have a publicist. No, unfortunately our blog hasn’t been “discovered.” We haven’t landed any sweet book or movie deals (though if you’re thinking of offering, we’re always listening). “My” publicist works for Moon, a guidebook company you may be familiar with and for whom I spent most of 2008 writing a hiking guide. That guide, Moon Take a Hike Washington DC, is now available in bookstores. (Or else, it will be very soon, as it’s official publication date is May 1, 2009.) So, what, why are you still reading? You should be on your way to your nearest bookstore, or simply typing Amazon.com into your browser, and buying my book right this stinking moment. If you live in or near DC and like to hike, buy the book. If someone you love, like, sort of kind of know, or may one day wish to meet, lives in or near DC, buy the book. If you have never been to DC but may one day go, buy the book. If you don’t think you’ll ever set foot in DC and/or hate the great outdoors, buy the book anyways. Why? Because I wrote it. Because it’s good. Because you know me (or at least know my blog). Because it has nice photos. Because I worked really, really hard on it. Because I spent practically every single weekend between March and August hiking hundreds and hundreds of miles, sleeping in campsites without showers, and eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Because this is one of those rare guidebooks where the author actually walked every step she wrote about and didn’t just visit a site or two and call it good. And because, if lots (and lots and lots and lots) of them sell, I may see a penny or two in royalties, and hey, a girl’s got to eat (and preferably not just peanut butter!).

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  1. In my very” objective” opinion, the book is excellent. I loved every bit of it. It actually made me want to get a bit more active and do some hiking! Congratulations. It was pretty neat to see my daughter’s name on the cover of the book.

  2. I am so proud of you! I have a copy of the book and will need it signed when you return. How about a book party? Get your publicist on that.

    And just don’t add jelly.

  3. It’s a great book. Just don’t read it cover to cover – not that it’s intended to be read that way.

    I like the two shout-outs to me the best.

  4. Hmm. You know….I happen to remember a certain “other half” who hiked those trails and camped in those camps with a certain author. I am not hearing a whole lot of shout outs for that “silent” partner. If I can get a guarantee of having the book signed by both the Author and her tremendously helpful “silent” partner, I will purchase said book. 🙂

  5. I wish I could comment on blogs more…well, and just read blogs. Internet access in Africa is, um, well awful. I think in the 7 weeks we’ve been here, we had free access to Internet twice. Everywhere else it’s been pay a fortune to use a really, really slow computer that will not load a page with photos (aka any blog). We’re leaving Southern Africa for East Africa tomorrow and I doubt it gets better. Even now, writing this comment, I’m wondering if it will post, as the Internet appears and then disappears about every 3 seconds. Once we get some kind of reliable access, I will return to the blog world. (This is actually a rare occasion when we can even access our own blog. I think that’s happened maybe three times!)

  6. Theresa – Finally got around to buying the book…and it looks like Amazon is in short supply! I’ve also been talking it up with all of my hiking-loving friends. Definitely plan on using it this summer for some hikes…Congrats!

  7. Teresa, it’s so exciting to see you on Amazon! I have a friend who loves hiking who just moved to DC, and I just so happen to be crashing in his apartment next weekend. ‘Twill make an excellent “thank you” gift! Congratulations.

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