Namibia Budget

Total Amount Spent in Namibia: 9,947.4 Namibian Dollars + $300 ($1,470 at $1 = 8.5 Namibian Dollars)

Exchange Rate: The Namibian dollar is tied to the South African Rand, so it also varied during our visit, but averaged out to about $1 = 8.5 Namibian dollars

Number of Days Spent in Namibia: 12 (April 15-25 & April 29, 2009)

Average Per Day Spending: 828.95 Namibian Dollars + $25 ($122.5 at $1 = 8.5 Namibian Dollars)


  • Transportation: 3,160 Namibian Dollars + $300
  • Accomodations: 3,622 Namibian Dollars
  • Food: 1,626.4 Namibian Dollars
  • Activities: 900 Namibian Dollars
  • Shopping: 500 Namibian Dollars
  • Communication: 99 Namibian Dollars
  • Laundry: 40 Namibian Dollars


  • Aside from gas, our transportation costs for Namibia also include the price of a replacement tire (1,087 Namibian Dollars) after we had a flat.
  • We camped all but 4 nights in Namibia. Camping costs ranged from 150 Namibian dollars at a private campground in Aus to 600 Namibian dollars at the National Park campground at Sesriem (very pricey but the only way to get out to the dunes for sunrise!).
  • Backpackers are few and far between but are reasonably priced at about 300 Namibian dollars for a double. We splurged on our last night in Namibia and paid 612 Namibian dollars for a lovely kitted-out cottage overlooking the Okavango River.


  • Admission for 2 people plus a car to a national park: 170 Namibian Dollars
  • Fee to take a car across the border: 180 Namibian Dollars
  • Woven basket: 40 Namibian Dollars

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