Some quick notes from Stockholm

As you all may or may not know, I’m over in Stockholm for only five days (my shortest trip here ever) for a conference. I thought I might enlighten you all with some of the things that are bouncing around my head here.

– I think the more you travel, the less of a problem jet lag seems to be. I haven’t noticed any problems this trip, even though I didn’t sleep at all on the plane over here. Does anyone have any good theories about why this is? Is it just that you know what to expect?

– As another sign of how connected the world is now, I was walking through central Stockholm, hopping on buses and trains, all the while talking to Theresa in DC on our cell phones. Total cost for this convenience? ~15 cents a minute. Impressive.

– I am strongly anti-pay toilet. Especially when you don’t even have change so it’s not even an option (though even when I do refuse on principle). That McDonald’s always has free toilets is the only thing that makes them worthwhile. (By the way, pay toilets were apparently common in the US until the Committee to End Pay Toilets In America (CEPTIA) was successful in the 1970’s. Hooray Wikipedia. Now that’s a cause I can get behind.)

– Fondue is awesome. I had dinner tonight with some family friends Hasse and Lena, and we had beef broth fondue. Delicious! And fun!

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  1. You’re lucky. When I first moved to Germany I had very little trouble with jet lag, but the longer I lived there and the more I traveled the worse it got. I spent a week in Germany last summer and I now hate flying internationally so much it’s starting to effect where I’m willing to go while traveling.

    p.s. fondue is the best invention ever!

  2. You both inspire me! I to am 26 and will be turning in my 2 weeks notice in roughly 7 weeks to travel for some time and I could not be more scared yet excited. I’ll be attending an outdoor NOLS course as well as backpacking through Europe and possibly river guide training! I took 2 trips white water rafting down the Grand Canyon and fell in love from day 1!
    My biggest worry is finding a job back in the corporate world once I return from my travels. Have you two thought about that? Does it concern you?
    Thanks for sharing your blog. It’s helpful to read about others out there like me.

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