Stockholm Through a Lens

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Since I don’t have my own separate blog, and since this is vaguely travel related, I thought I would share it here. This weekend we had a rare nice day in Stockholm, and so I took the opportunity to wander about the city with a camera. Here are some of the images I was happy with.


There’s plenty of color splashed onto apartment buildings.


It’s coming up on Easter, which in Sweden means you tie feathers to bare tree branches. Mom, you want to explain that one? It does look nice in big bunches though.


A row of Swedish fruit drinks outside a store. I like that you can see the buildings across the street.


An empty pier. It is winter after all.


An interesting building with Stadshuset (City Hall) and it’s Tre Kronor (three crowns, the national symbol) in the background. Here’s another of one corner of Stadshuset. It kinda looks like it needs to be in a Cingular commercial.


And I just thought these last two looked kinda cool. Feel free to disagree.