Four Traits that Make Us Good Travelers

1. We don’t let a little rain (or snow) on our parade ruin the day.
While in Denver for the birthday celebration, we had free time on Friday, so we decided to head to Red Rocks, on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t a particularly nice day–overcast with a few flurries though the sun would break through brilliantly every now and then. However, once we got there, it was looking decent, so we decided to do a 1.5 mile hike. We weren’t wearing hiking clothes, nor did we have winter coats on us, but what we had was suitable for a short hike in cold but okay weather. Unfortunately decent turned to blizzard a few tenths of a mile into the hike. We could have turned around, but we didn’t. There were cool things to see…gorgeous rock formations, lots of mule deer, and interesting plants. So we forged ahead, laughing at the total ridiculousness of the situation but in general enjoying ourselves…even though Jeff ended up with a hat of snow by the time we finished. (At which point, the sun promptly came out and the snow disappeared.)

2. We have an uncanny ability to entertain ourselves.
One thing you’re unlikely to hear from either of our mouths is “I’m bored.” (Unless I’m lying on the beach.) If we’re not busy with a specific activity, we always find some way to be engaged and/or amused, whether it be discussing things we have read or heard or capturing our very best sides on camera.

3. We get lucky more often than not.
We’re still waiting to win the lottery, so I guess we’re not the luckiest people out there, but we do seem to have luck on our side most of the time. Like when we managed to outrun the bus and make it aboard so that we could get to the Metro before it closed down for the night. Or the time we showed up at a sold-out Paul Simon concert without a ticket and were given two for free. Or the time the guy at the Phillies game handed us free tickets for seats 10 rows behind home plate. Or the time…

4. We have a knack for meeting *interesting* people.
Though I consider myself a fairly reserved person, I must look like a very open person, or else someone has pinned a “Please talk to me” sign to my back, and I haven’t figured it out. When I worked in Dupont Circle and ate my lunch in the park every day, I met everyone. I met the first black Grandmaster of chess. I met a really interesting musician named Raccoon who gave me his CD with the awesome song “Sandwiches” on it. And obviously, best of all, I met the Lord, at least that’s who he said he was, and really, who am I to disagree?