It’s Official!

We have official acceptance of my thesis application! This pretty much confirms my defense date will be September 26th and we’ll be able to leave on schedule in mid-October. I’ll spare you the nightmare details of the Swedish bureaucratic system, but I’ve successfully navigated it and we’ve got approval. So, I guess this means no more meandering stories about bears, its time to get planning. Departure date is now officially less than four months away!

11 Replies to “It’s Official!”

  1. Awesome! By the way, from which city are you leaving? If you’re going to be in the ‘Ville at all (other than just to drop off your stuff), maybe we could have a bon voyage thing.

  2. Angela,
    We’ll be in Louisville twice. In mid-August, we’ll drive a moving van into town to deposit all of our belongings at my parents’ house. In early October, after we return from Sweden, we’ll then drive to Louisville again to leave our car and final remaining possessions and to visit the family and whatever friends are around. We’ll probably hang around a week or two and then take off on our trip.

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