Russia in Review

UPDATE: You can now link to our photos from the Russia page. Check them out!

If you take a look at the navigation bar at the top of the page, you’ll see we’ve added a new section: Country Summaries. We’ll be creating a page in this section for every country we visit. You’ll get a quick link to our posts and photos related to that country, along with a summary of our experience in that country. I’ve got the Russia summary up and ready so please go check it out.

But before you get too excited, let me disappoint you and say that I don’t have photos up yet. I really, really wanted to get that done tonight, but remember that part about me not being a night person? Yeah, still true, and as it’s now less than an hour until midnight, it just isn’t going to happen. I hope to get to it tomorrow, and I will update this post to let you know when I do. But please don’t hold your breath—tomorrow is our last day in Stockholm (can you believe it?) and I have a ton to do.

Also, we’re still uncertain about where/how we want to host our photos. Is Flikr the best option? If you have any insight into this, please comment and let us know. And please go ahead and check out the written part of the Country Summary and let us know what you think. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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  1. I was glad you posted the exchange rate. I was wondering as I was reading how much everything cost in U.S. dollars. I really do think I would like to travel to St. Petersburg.

  2. Regarding photos, we store our photos (resized) on flickr and then display them as a photo gallery on our website through a plugin. I suggest downloading Picture Sync (for Macs) or Flickr Uploadr (Mac and PC) so that you can title, describe and tag your photos offline and then upload them when you finally get a connection. Or, if you’re stuck in internet cafes where you can’t connect your laptop directly, you can save the resized photos with annotations to your USB drive so the uploading to flickr directly will be quicker. We use a plugin to embed photos in our WordPress posts. We’ve been pretty happy with flickr’s service.

    I know of some people who prefer smugmug to flickr, but I haven’t used smugmug enough to comment on it.

  3. RE PHOTOS: You can host them on your server using the gallery feature if you have CPANEL. It’s pretty convenient. That’s what I use. But if you want to share them with the wider world then FLICKR would be best.

  4. Loved your Russia recap. You guys certainly did a lot in your few days there! The photos are fantastic as well.

    Best of luck as you embark on your RTW journey! I love the feeling of starting out on such a long and highly-anticipated journey … try to remember that feeling forever. Looking forward to reading along.

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