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Just a quick notice that we managed to add comments onto the pages (let me know if anything else looks funny, I had to play around with some code and I don’t know code). So please, feel free to fire away any questions you may have about budgets or countries or any other page you like! Now we need to just figure out our problem with pictures. See, this downtime is good for something!

San Pedro de Atacama in Pictures

Having revealed all that Machu Picchu had in store for us and with us taking a small break to recover from the adventurous life (a few days in Lima followed by a few days now in the beachfront town of Huanchaca), let us now fill in our time just before Christmas, in San Pedro de Atacama. Let’s be clear about this — San Pedro is a tourist town. Big time. Pricey, hassly and full of gringos. But the scenery, oh the scenery, it definitely makes it worth it. It’s a high altitude desert boasting among other attractions geysers and incredible wind carved salt dunes. And it’s not really that bad of a place. But with all that in mind, we’re going to spare you lots of words about the area and just show you a bunch of pretty pictures. Because it sure is beautiful.