The Floor is Open

Got a question for us? Then leave it in the comments section. We’ll soon write a post answering the questions we receive here, plus ones we’ve received by email.

Don’t by shy. Ask away. We really do like to talk about our trip, and we’re happy to answer questions about planning, about the actual experience, about the return to reality…whatever it is you want to know.

6 Replies to “The Floor is Open”

  1. I offered this idea. And I offered the idea that you should pay me for it. You know my address. Actually, maybe you don’t.

    And my question:
    Which Brother did you miss the most while you were traveling?

  2. Well since I was the only brother who visited them on their trip, and the first person to visit them on the journey, they may not have missed me the most, but thats because I’m the best brother.

  3. I made a list! Imagine that! Lisa with a list. Here goes:

    1. Did you ever have to get medical treatment or even buy medicine? 2. What is the one things that pissed you off the most?
    3. What made you smile the biggest?
    4. World’s best airline? Worst?
    5. Where in South America should I go?
    6. You are supposed to go to the dentist every 6 months. Did you?
    7. Best thing you ate. Worst thing you ate.

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