Ecuador Budget

Total Amount Spent In Ecuador: $6,495.80 (Whoa!)

Exchange Rate: Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as its currency.

Number of Days Spent in Ecuador: 35 (Jan. 17–Feb. 24, 2009)

Daily Average: $185.59


  • Food: $491.84
  • Transportation: $1,213.60
  • Accomodations: $468
  • Activities: $4,136.50
  • Communication: $8.40
  • Laundry: $6
  • Shopping: $171.50

The Galapagos really blew the budget here, with $4,450.60 (69%) of our expenses related to that trip ($3,280 for the 8-day cruise, $830.60 for the flights, $200 for the Galapagos admission, $20 for the tourist cards, and $120 for tips). It was worth it. (Though I still don’t like to look at the number!)

Almost all of the transportation budget comes from the flights to/from the Galapagos and to/from the jungle. The remainder is bus and taxi rides, which were inexpensive.

Our food and accomodation budgets are unlikely to be similar to anyone else’s as we stayed at the home of a friend in Quito. We ate many meals there and stayed for free in a lovely home, saving us much money. On the other hand, when we went out to eat it was at restaurants more on par with how we’d eat at home rather than what we tend to opt for when we travel (the cheapies!), and we would usually try to treat our hosts.


  • 4-day/3-night Jungle Lodge Trip: $175 per person
  • Bus from Cuenca to Quito: $10 per person
  • Lunch at a set menu local place: $2 per person
  • Lunch at the best sushi restaurant in Quito: $21 per person
  • Taxi from Quito bus station to the city center: $4
  • Woven Table Runner at Ambato Market: $4.50
  • Admission to Inti-Nan Museum: $3
  • Full Day Bike Rental in Banos: $5
  • Large pack of taffy in Banos: $1

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