Mozambique Budget

Total Amount Spent in Mozambique: 14,598 Metacals + 1350 Rand ($708)

Exchange Rate: $1 = 27 Metacals

Number of Days Spent in Mozambique: 6 (May 7-12, 2009)

Average Per Day Spending: 540 Metacals + 225 Rand ($118)


  • Transportation: 3,190 Metacals
  • Accomodations: 5,450 Metacals
  • Food: 1,894 Metacals
  • Activities: 3,840 Metacals
  • Communication: 224 Metacals
  • Visa Fees: 1,350 Rand


  • We got totally ripped off on our Mozambique visas. You can get them at the border for 170 Rand, but the bus company won’t wait for you to get one there. So we had to go to Pretoria to get them in advance, and were charged the expedited visa price (750 Rand for a U.S. passport holder and 600 Rand for an E.U. passport holder). Not worth it!
  • Overall, we found Mozambique to be overpriced. You never got much for what you paid.


  • Double Room: 700-1,250 Metacals
  • One-Day Dhow Trip to Bazaruto Archipelago: 1,900 Metacals per person
  • Admission to Art Museum in Maputo: 20 Metacals per person
  • Pizza dinner for two: 290 Metacals
  • Taxi ride to Maputo bus station: 300 Metacals
  • Bus from Maputo to Vilanculus: 600 Metacals per person

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