Journey of a Lifetime

A lot of people think we’re starting out on the big adventure of our lives in mid-October. But we both know that we actually got started on life’s greatest journey three years ago today (July 30).

It started with laughter that has yet to die down.

And while some like to debate whether it’s better to travel solo or with a partner, we’ve yet to find a road that’s not best when walked together.

Our upcoming trip will be a fabulous adventure, but it’s just one chapter in the journey of a lifetime.

18 Replies to “Journey of a Lifetime”

  1. Puke. Not to your marriage, but the @#&^%*$ Hallmark captions.

    One of the Dowell brothers had to say it. It would have been Greg, were he not on his business trip. And he would have skipped the symbols.

  2. As long as you consider us distinguished gentlemen.

    Although I don’t regret my participation in this little event, I’d like to finally put it on the record that Cameron and Bryan completely misrepresented what was to occur in the little sales-pitch they gave me (and probably others).

    Alas, I can’t really find an excuse for the second go-around. Because, if I remember correctly, it was during the second go-around where we lost our shirts.

    And to think, I expected my sister’s wedding to be a little cheese-and-wine dainty affair.

  3. now now Matthew, when you say ‘Cameron and Bryan’, I think you mean to say only Cameron. I believe I was given that same sales pitch just moments before you. Nonetheless, a good time!

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