A Night at the Ballpark

Remember this list? Back when we were highly motivated and were going to do all of those things around D.C. in our last summer before we left? Yeah, it didn’t quite work out that way. Turns out, when you hike all weekend every weekend in addition to holding regular jobs and writing 100-300 page texts in between, you don’t have much free time to enjoy the D.C. summer (if 100 degree heat with 100 degree humidity can be enjoyed … and I would argue that it can).

Well tonight we finally accomplished one of our goals off of our last D.C. summer list, making it out to Nationals Park to check out the new stadium. The Nationals were solidly defeated by the Phillies, but honestly, that was pretty much expected. We had a great time with some of our friends, it was a great night to be outside and I’m always up for a baseball game (and Theresa, if sometimes less enthused, certainly doesn’t mind …).

Even if it’s a day late, we’re calling this our third anniversary photo. We just have some kind of “glow” about us =).

If you’ll permit me an aside to talk about baseball stadiums, we did thoroughly check out the stadium, taking the time to completely circumnavigate it. It’s a very nice, new stadium, but I couldn’t help but think of all the things it could’ve been but wasn’t. To me, it lacked that iconic unique aspect. It was in the vein of the nice new stadiums, but felt so generic.

I don’t know if you can even see it in the corner, but there’s the national Capitol building. Really feels small and insignificant, right? If there’s anything that should be prominantly featured, it should be the Capitol building and the National Monument. You couldn’t ever see the Monument. And the Capitol building was blocked by the giant bar underneath it in this picture to everyone but the third level seats. Anyway, it just felt like there was so much missed opportunity.

So back on top a bit, we’re trying to fit in a few more of our goals before we leave. We certainly aren’t going to hit all of them between all of the things that are still left to do. I guess we should’ve taken our own advice and seized earlier moments to do the things we wanted in D.C. Ah, that wonderful hindsight.