Complications with our Itinerary

You know how you have everything figured out once and for all? How things are perfectly organized? When all the generalities are in their proper order and you’re only worrying about the minutiae and detail? You’ve got the goal in sight and just have to shape the edges? And then you take one last look at it and reality sets in and you realize it’s all completely wrong …

That was us today. We went back through our general path and realized for a couple of different reasons that things are not right. First, there’s the problem we alluded to last week that we can’t easily do a round the world airline miles redemption for our original plan. And while annoying, this is the not really the problem. The bigger problem is that we are currently planning on plowing through India (presumably in a short amount of time) at the height of monsoon season. This is, so we hear, not an easy thing to actually accomplish logistically, let alone have it be enjoyable.

So given a little free time this week in our schedules, we tried to lay out some more concrete plans but have only caused ourselves more complications. We’re toying with reversing the order of Africa and Southeast Asia, but that still leaves India in between and just causes us to head to African rainy season(to be fair, not always a bad thing). We can jump ahead to India then back to Southeast Asia, but that totally nullifies being able to do a RTW ticket. Our best thought right now is to do reverse order and go South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, India.

Unfortunately, we won’t really have time to think about it for another few weeks as we immerse ourselves in finishing our respective books. I just thought I’d share this bit of panic we’ve been going through the last few days lest you all mistakenly think we’re totally organized and on top of this trip. We’re just one big circus these days.