Where in the World Have We Been Lately

I apologize for the lack of recent posting, but we’re currently in Quito visiting a friend we haven’t seen since 1997. That’s a long time, and there’s much catching up to do. Plus she has many places to take us and things to show us, so we’re always on the go. (And we’re without Internet at her place, where we are staying, so posting isn’t all that easy.) But we’re alive and well and we’ve got a few new posts lined up, so check back in the next few days for much more. As for now, in response to your demand for photos, here’s a few images of where we have been lately.

Huanchaco, Peru

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador

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  1. Thanks for posting some nice eye candy even though I know you’re probably pretty busy with exploring and visiting a friend!

    These photos really make me want to get on the road again. We’re making plans now for the next part of the trip and it looks like we may hit some of the same spots. Thanks for sharing as you go!

  2. You guys are missing out on some great weather in Louisville. There’s a little snow, a little frozen stuff, and now, rain at 32 degrees. I’m actually sitting here listening to tree limbs break and the occasional transformer explode. Tried to take some photos right now, but my P&S(note: not PoS) does not do well at night. Could have used your SLR.

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