South America Superlatives

As we land in Africa today, leaving South America behind, we thought we’d look back at some of the best and worst of our time there. Our initials follow our choices to indicate which of us thought what. If we left anything out and you’re just dying of curiosity to know what we thought, leave your question in the comments and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

Friendliest People: Nicaragua (T); Quilotoa, Ecuador (J)

Best Natural Scenery: Torres del Paine (T&J)

Best Wildlife: Galapagos (T&J)

Best Historic Site: Jesuit Quarter, Cordoba (T); San Francisco Convent, Lima (J)

Best Ruins: Machu Picchu (T&J)

Most Interesting Museum Exhibit: Frozen Mummy Girl in Salta, Argentina (T&J)

Strangest Museum: Church Museum, Banos, Ecuador (T); Museum of Legends & Myths, Leon, Nicaragua (J)

Best Market: Saquisili, Ecuador (T&J)

Best Meal: Steak Dinner at Viejo Jack’s in Salta (T&J)

Best Produce: Chile (T); Peru (J)

Best Fruit Juice: Sole’s House, Ecuador (T&J)

Best Local Beer: Calafate Ale & Quilmes Stout (J)

Best Local Wine: Torrentes Late Harvest, Echard Winery, Cafayate, Argentina (J); Concha & Torro Sunset Syrah (T)

Best Ice Cream: Chocolate Amargo, Multiple Locations, Argentina (T); Coco con Dulce De Leche at Volta, Buenos Aires (J)

Best Grocery Store: Wong, Lima, Peru (T&J)

Worst Bus Ride: Esteli to Leon, Nicaragua (T&J)

Hostel/Hotel We Wished We Could Have Stayed At Longer: Los Troncos, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (T&J)

Worst Place We Stayed: HI Cordoba Hostel, Cordoba, Argentina (T&J)

Best City Scene: Buenos Aires (T); Santiago (J)

Best Adventure Sport Activity: Canyoning, Puerto Varas, Chile (T&J)

Most Overrated Place: Ushuaia, Argentina (T); Chiloe, Chile (J)

Place We Most Wish to Return to for Further Exploration: Lake District in Chile/Argentina (T&J)

Even with all these “bests,” so many amazing places, good meals, great places to stay, and incredible experiences don’t show up in the list. And the “worsts” hardly cast a shadow on even an hour of our trip. South (and Central) America have been amazing, exceeding whatever expectations we had. Fingers crossed Africa is the same!