The Worse Half?

So it seems I’m called on to talk a little about myself. Having never kept up a blog before (I’ve started probably 4 that ended after one post), this is all new to me. So expect some growing pains … not all of us can be the blogging expert (nor the superb writer) that my wife is. So with out further ado … all about me!

Who am I?
I’m Jeff, 26, former high school quarterback, former college baseball player, current science nerd. I’m Hawaiian — only in the sense that I was born there. I now claim another island, Bainbridge Island, as home. I’m half Swedish and have the IKEA furniture to prove it. I follow baseball and the Seattle Mariners religiously, and football only slightly less religiously.

What do I do in the “Real World”?
I am pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. The program is a relatively new joint program between the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD and Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. That Swedish background is useful after all! If you’re not a science dork, skip the next two sentences. I’m studying the cell biology of Parkinson’s disease, focusing on the protein DJ-1 and oxidation. And if that got you excited, this is what I’ve published (except for the one random nursing paper that stole my name). OK, now everyone’s back. I plan to finish and defend my thesis next summer, just before we take off on this adventure. It’s gonna be a great time for a break.

What places am I most excited about experiencing?
1. Galapagos Islands — As a fan of all things biologically inclined (and islands), how could this not be #1 on my list. I just hope it’s not overrun with people and we can really experience it. And that we can afford to go there.
2. Nepal — It’s been such a spiritual, mythical, and beautiful place.
3. Serengeti National Park — I told myself I wouldn’t overlap with Theresa, but c’mon, it’s a frickin’ safari! In Africa! With elephants! And rhinos!

What am I most looking forward to?
I’m looking for the constant adventure, the changing situations and circumstances. It’s something you don’t get on daily basis when your routine is getting up and going to work. But when every day is something new, well, that truly is something to look forward to.

What am I most worried about?
Logistics. I’m not a logistics person. Fortunately and unfortunately, my wife is. So we’ll be well planned, but we’ll probably have our share of arguments about it. That and the runs.

So there’s your first introduction to me, I’ve got more, but how will we keep you coming back without the suspense?

7 Replies to “The Worse Half?”

  1. Worse Half? I don’t think that title is appropriate. But don’t tell Theresa I said that. It was fun to read your part and see how you describe yourself. I don’t think I have ever read anything you wrote beside a card. I did check out your published work but will readily admit that it is way over my head.

  2. OK, so I am arriving a little late to this blog. Theresa has mentioned it, but it hasn’t been until now (during working hours, of course) that I’ve taken the time to read. Jeff, you just cracked me up. When traveling away from home, eating all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally be eating, and sharing personal space with many people you aren’t comfortable with, everyone worries about the runs. It takes a real man to come right out and say it.

  3. Hey wanderers. Nepal! I spent a summer in Shermathang, Nepal, and did a wonderful trek in Annapurna with a guide. If I can find his info I’ll send it along to you–I would recommend using a guide for a trek–it’s not expensive at all, and it’s a great way to meet & talk with locals you might shy away from otherwise. Plus, our guide Krishna was hilarious & practically carried me out of Annapurna when I had a nasty bout of altitude sickness (there’s meds for that you should take along if you plan on doing any trekking at serious heights). Here’s to vicarious living!

  4. Good luck with the thesis!!! I will have to check out your publications – they sound interesting. Don’t you want to work on something for Pediatrics also??? I can’t believe that y’all will be gone so long! Don’t forget that y’all are always welcome in New Orleans – I know it isn’t as exotic as the places that you will be visiting and exploring, but the offer is always open….

  5. This is, I believe, the first blog I’ve actually read with real interest…and am happy to say I am extremely impressed with what you guys have put online!! Can’t wait to hear about all the adventures in the next year to come…you two are my travel heros!

  6. I stumbled across your blog today and as soon as I saw your photo I noticed you were wearing a Bay Hay shirt! Just wanted to say “hi” to a fellow islander. Now off to read more of your blog!

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