The Giant List of To-Dos (With Theresa It’s Never Get Up and Go)

1. Determine where we want to go: the must-sees along with the if we have time I’d like to sees. Make the hard choices about places that just don’t make the cut.

2. Figure out flights. Is a round-the-world ticket the best option or are one-ways better? Can we use our frequent flyer miles? Do we just want to book the big inter-continental flights or are there some intra-continental legs we also want to have set in stone?

3. Investigate the visa situation for countries we plan to visit. Do we need to get any in advance or can we get them at the border?

4. Make a packing list. Whittle down the packing list…and then do it again. Purchase anything we need but don’t have.

5. Determine what vaccinations we need and get them.

6. Arrange to get any necessary medicines: malaria pills, a generic antibiotic, contacts & supplies for a year, a years-worth of any prescriptions we have.

7. Secure travel and medical insurance. Make sure the insurance covers adventure activities and care within the U.S. should we have to return here for medical care.

8. Find a home for all our belongings. Sell or get rid of what we don’t need/want. See if anyone wants to be a foster parent to any of our stuff. Get a storage unit for whatever remains. Move out.

9. Assign someone power of attorney.

10. Figure out the best way to access money and handle credit card payments, etc. Make sure all companies are aware of our plans and don’t cancel our access to our money just when we most need it. Be sure someone we trust has access to our accounts should it be necessary.

11. Make copies of all important documents. Scan and email copies to ourselves and leave with trusted contact at home.

12. Sign up for a Skype account and make everyone aware of the details so we can stay in touch.

13. Get many, many multiples of passport-size photos made for visas, etc.

14. Set up a flickr account for photo sharing.

15. Get Theresa a plain silver band to wear in leiu of her actual wedding band.

16. Get student IDs if possible.

17. Figure out what to do about taxes while we’re gone.

So, all you savvy travelers out there, what’s missing?

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  1. I’m just putting this out there but…I’ll definitely be foster parent to…oh say…the HDTV, XBox 360, Playstation 3, and any other cool device like that. And I know I’m probably most qualified to have power of attorney, but I’m going to remove my name from the running.

  2. I really think that you are going to have to wear sturdy shoes for all of that walking. So I’ll take good care of your brown sandals. Unless of course Greece is on your list and I’ll wire you $ for a pair.

  3. Thanks for the tip Lisa, that’s definitely a good thing to add to the list.

    Greg, all those “cool devices” might ahve to go to pay for the trip. But we’ll keep you in mind ;). You’re a giver.

  4. I make to-do lists like this on a regular basis. Usually during class or some meeting that isn’t keeping my interest. So, pretty reguarly. I sometimes, but not often, actually use the to-do list to accomplish need-to-do tasks. Sometimes I even accomplish need-to-do tasks without my to-do list. All too often I just let shit pile up and deal with it later, and later, and then, oh you see, then it is too late.

    What am I trying to say?
    1. Your to-do list has dampened my desire to travel anywhere.
    2. Don’t leave me in charge of anything that requires promptness. This list would include bills, wiring you money, paying your taxes, feeding your pets and/or children, etc.

    I dream of a cross-country or more-than cross-country bike ride one day(soon). I see myself having to address a few of these issues, but, man, your to-do list is pretty excessive(although necessary).

    What are you going to do about health insurance?

  5. Wow, just reading your list stresses me out! So much to think about! Good thing you guys have a few months to get all this stuff settled.

    Are you planning on selling your place or just renting it out? Also, where do you plan on being for the holidays? It could be really interesting to see what Christmas is like in another country 🙂

  6. Health Insurance–good question. Right now we’re looking at a company called World Nomads, which provides travel insurance that incorporates medical care…not so much preventative care as care for if we get sick or injured. It’s a rare company in that they do cover “adventure” activities such as mountain biking, trekking, etc. We’ll probably have a whole post or two on this as we dive more into it.

    As far as our place goes, we just rent right now, so we just have to let our landlady know we’re going. We don’t know where we’re moving back to so the hard part is figuring out just where we should put our stuff in storage.

  7. Get a knife. A butterfly one. I hear they’re legal in Vietnam.
    Just kidding. But, (and Thee knows this) I do like to travel with a pretty serious pocket knife. It’s handy-dandy for camping & cutting up fruit & impromptu street dueling. Like a Gerber one. Just be sure it stays in checked baggage, or you’ll end up trapped in a Thai prison a la Brokedown Palace.

  8. I used World Nomads after researching a lot of options and was very happy with them. They actually let you do stuff on your trip and will cover you if you get hurt doing it. Plus, they were generally the cheapest with the best coverages and great customer service.

    But, for other options check out and one-stop shopping site for comparing the major travel insurance policies & companies.

    Also – make sure you take a small roll or two of duct tape (they sell travel size at REI), handi-wipes or purell (you’ll all kinds of uses for both), a large universal sink stopper, a sleep sack (perhaps my most valuable and welcomed possession while traveling) and earplugs.

  9. Thanks for the road-tested advice. We find it so helpful to get tip from people who’ve been in the situations we might encounter. We actually got duct tape and sleep sacks for Christmas, so we’re on our way with the “essentials.” I will definitely be getting some good earplugs…I’m not the world’s best sleeper as it is!

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