Some cool (or boring) admin stuff

So we’ve been working behind the scenes here the last few days trying to improve some of the aspects of the blog (apologies if you tried to get here at some point and found some wacky stuff), and it seems like we’ve been mostly successful. We’ve added some simple things, like a comments subscribe button; some complicated stuff, like a Google map with geo-tagged posts on the Where are We Now page; and last, and seemingly most difficult, permalinks that make the post URLs a bit more descriptive (and pretty).

So anyway, the message here is, take a look around, and let us know if you notice anything funky or funny. We’ll try to fix it. One important question is how does the map look for you on your computer? The problem is that the size of the map is fixed but the size of the page changes, so on low resolution computers the map can be way too big, and on high resolution computer it can be way too small. Chime in and tell us how everything looks. Thanks guys!

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  1. The map is really cool. One thing. The 2nd time I tried to open it, I got a message that said Operation Aborted:Map. May just be Internet Explorer. Wanted to let you know. where’s the subscribe button? Now if you’d just get rid of those snake- caterpillar things…

  2. Really? No map? On the where-are-we-now page? Huh, it’s supposed to draw up a google map. Is there anything, like even text?

    Lisa, thanks for the error note. I think it’s probably just a random hiccup, but let us know if it keeps happening. The subscribe button should be right below the comments box and lets you subscribe to get emails when new comments are added. We also want to add one for new posts, but that’s still in progress.

  3. Still no comments box. I love the web site. I love that you all have your own domain. On the map – can you put a green stake as to where you all are right now? That would be cool. Now about those caterpillars….

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