DVD Traveling

Theresa’s post last week about interesting travel literature inspired some pretty good discussion, and got me thinking. Now, I’ve been known to read a book here or there, and usually enjoy the experience, but in all honesty, I’m not really a book person. I’m more of a movie person. I just absorb things in a more visual fashion I suppose.

So with that in mind, and with tonight being Hollywood’s biggest night, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite “travel movies” related to the areas we will be headed. I’ve also been trying to gather some others that I might watch before we go, but I’ll let you guys vet them for me.

Darjeerling Limited (India) – a fantastic little film by Wes Anderson about a trio of brothers on a train. Just my style.

The Last King of Scotland (Uganda) – the rise and fall of infamous Uganda dictator Idi Amin as seen through a composite Scotsman.

Hotel Rwanda (Rwanda) – one man’s struggle to save hundreds against the genocide there.

The Constant Gardener (Kenya) – a corrupt drug company ruins a diplomat’s life in Africa.

The only movies in and about Africa seem to be serious downers. Anyone got anything a little more optimistic? You know, that would make me excited about going there?

Some other ones I would highly recommend (but not where we are heading) are Everything is Illuminated (Ukraine), Lost in Translation (Japan), the Bourne series (freaking everywhere).

Here’s some others I was thinking about checking out before we left (in no particular order).

Out of Africa (Kenya)

Bridge on the River Kwai (Thailand)

Gorillas in the Midst (Kenya)

The Motorcycle Diaries (Peru)

The Beach (Thailand)

Blood Diamond (South Africa)

Cry Freedom (South Africa)

Hostel (ok, just kidding about that one)

Would you recommend/not recommend these? What would you recommend for me? What movies have you all seen that would fit well on this list? Are there any foreign films that do a great job of capturing the spirit of a country? And what movies capture the essence and the idea of travel best for you?