This is your chance!

Ok, guys, this is it. Now that I’m back state-side, the time has come to start planning an itinerary more specific than “we will be on this continent …” So what we need to know from all of you in internet-land is when and where you want to meet us for some adventure. Consider this an open invitation. We love having visitors and on the trip I’m sure we’ll be itching for the company. If you’ve been inspired by somewhere we’re planning on going and want to meet us there, let us know and we’ll try to fit it in our schedule (the general dates listed below are non-negotiable). If you want to read more on generally where we want to go, we’ve outlined it in our posts on:

Africa (Aug 2009 – Oct 2009)

Southeast Asia (Apr 2009 – June 2009)

South America (Nov 2008 – Mar 2009)

Nepal and Northern India (July 2009) – no post yet but consider us open to anything in the area.

So let’s have ’em! (Greg, your previous four posts on the subject have already reserved you a spot for Machu Picchu … but when exactly?)

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  1. Finally! I knew my faithful commenting would eventually lead to something for me. Yes! Please note, I’m first again! Anyway, I checked the calendar and my winter break is from December 20- January 11. Ideally I’d like to be stateside for Christmas, but thats not a requirement. So I’d say my ideal travel dates would be December 27 – January 10. But I’m flexible within the entire time frame. Since you’ve already marked me down for Machu Picchu just let me know when and where I should meet y’all.

  2. Looks like I’ll have sometime to start saving up for my trip to meet up with you all. Africa is my destination of choice. I guess it harkens back to all those days of wanting to be a zoologist before my mind decided that would be sort of crazy. Count me in for whatever part of Africa you are in August of 2009. School won’t start til September so I’m good for the whole month. Hopefully it will be a safari, or even Madagascar, but it all matters where you start out in Africa. I’ll keep my eyes on the lookout for it.

  3. Ok, if darling hubby gets a job that enables us to save some money I’m going to have to arm wrestle Mark for the african safari. But we’ll be keeping an eye on our budget and on your travels and I hope to figure out a way to meet up with you (with or without the hubby will depend on what he finds for work) at least once, perhaps twice. If I can work it I’d love to see South America. I’m most likely going to be there with my church next January (09) in Nicaragua for our yearly mission trip, it’d be easy enough to get a short flight from Mexico City’s hub to wherever you happen to be in South America after that. So I’ll keep my eyes out.

    YAY!!! I GET TO COME!!! (at least a little bit)

  4. Well, iIthink Dad and I are looking to come to South America. I think that is my best chance for Dad. Of course, he may surprise me and want to go somewhere else. I will let you know though. We will meet up with you all sometime during the year for sure.

  5. In the summer of ’09 I’ll be doing my internship somewhere abroad, quite possibly in Africa. I won’t know more until this fall at the earliest but I’ll probably still be abroad in August and I might even having housing where you can crash..

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