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We’re in the entertainment and education business. That’s what this blog is. It’s information in a (hopefully) entertaining form. Maybe that’s a bit high minded. Maybe we’re just entertainment. And on that note, calling it a business is pure folly. It’s just something we enjoy. But that’s why I’m putting up this post. We’re taking a look at the site and trying to make it a better experience for you readers out there (like, for starters, the addition of a favorite posts on the sidebar). So with that in mind, we have a few questions we’d love some feedback on.

What else should be highlighted for new readers in the favorite posts?

What do you want us to write more about? Options include nostalgia over our past trips, logistic planning for this trip, romantic musings about inanimate objects, more pictures (or “picture of the day” type posts), the insanity in our daily lives, commentary on travel news, or anything else you think would make this site more enjoyable.

What do you hate? What could we make disappear from this site? What types of subjects should we never post about again?

What features could we add to the site as a whole to make it a better browsing experience? All ideas, whether a specific plugin or a general thought, are highly encouraged.

This website being a dictatorship and all, this may be your only chance ever to provide us with feedback, so let loose, fire away, seize the opportunity. Much obliged.

4 Replies to “Sound Off!”

  1. Get rid of Jeff for sure. 😉

    I’d like to see some posts on some very specific things you are excited for on the trip. What you expect from a certain place, so we can see how things measured up when they come about, or see how it really turned out for the better.

  2. I love the practical stuff. The posts on money, the to-do list before you leave, how you’re going to pack, where you’re going to put your couch, how you’re going to insure yourselves, where your mail will go… I think those questions are what sometimes keep people from taking on something like a year long trip–it sounds fun, but impossible. Well, Thee, your lists are great, so now there’s no more excuses!

  3. You know what would be cool? If you guys had a section where you showed where you physically are in the world. A lot of gps devices track that kind of info. It might be cool if you could post a .gpx file of the sites you visited each day or something. Then us back at home could look at where you are in Google Earth or something like that.

  4. Thanks for the ideas and feedback guys. And no, Mark, I will not be going anywhere =). You’ll just have to deal. I like the idea about expectations though. And when we get back to more planning, which you know with Theresa will be soon and a lot, we’ll definitely be writing about it Kate. And we’re definitely working on something to allow us to keep up to date with where we are. Cool stuff, thanks guys.

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