An Ode to my TV

Theresa got an engagement ring, and I got you. It wasn’t that explicit a deal, but like every newly engaged woman, Theresa couldn’t stop staring at her ring, so I took the opportunity while she was distracted and in no condition to argue. I spent hours deciding what kind, I mean, obviously HD, but what other combination of letters would I get? DLP? LCD? But it was a labor of love, and I finally decided on your 46″ of high definition DLP goodness.

I took you home, set you up, and stared at the beauty. Even before I turned it on, it fit perfectly in the room, matched our colors and completed the apartment. And when I turned it on, my jaw dropped. The color, the intensity, the sound, the fluidity. I sat back on our couch in awe. The immersion I felt was unprecedented. Watching sports felt like having tickets to every game (except when I had to listen to Joe Morgan). The Discovery Channel was suddenly the best channel on TV.

As the years have past, you have been the focal point of Super Bowl parties, Kentucky Derby parties, and Rock Band parties. Now, I’m not your biggest TV addict out there, I barely have to time watch my Lost and NBC Thursday comedies, let alone sporting events or video games. But when I have time and want to watch, I like knowing that you’ll give me the best picture out there. And that you look good and balance the room even when you’re not turned on.

I will miss my TV and all of the entertainment it gives me while we’re gone, but I have a feeling that I will find more entertainment in the adventures we’ll be having. I’ll have to be more proactive about it, but hey, that’s a good thing. And I know that when I return, you’ll still be there for me to put in my basement and once again be my center of mindless and stationary entertainment.

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