Ahhh Beaches

We are now back from vacation. Life starts again tomorrow. We enjoyed our vacation to the fullest. No thinking, no doing, no working, just relaxing on the beach.

Having grown up in Hawaii, I have quite high standards when it comes to beaches. Smooth sand, hot sun, warm, clear water good for bodyboarding and with lots of marine life to investigate. Well, Litchfield Beach was 4 for 5. The water could’ve been clearer =). The sand softly massaged your feet, the sun slowly baked you (and in some cases fried you to a crisp … just ask Theresa), and the water was a refreshing relief. We saw alligators (on our river kayak trip), sting rays in the surf, washed up jellyfish, ospreys carrying off their catch, pelicans soaring by, scores of shells littering the beaches. We had a great time playing in the surf, getting crushed riding the waves into shore. There’s just nothing quite like a great beach.

So I’m really, really looking forward to the plethora of beaches we’ll happen across as we travel. I’ve already noticed myself seeking them out in our borrowed guidebooks, in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru (to say nothing of the legendary Brazilian, Thai and Vietnamese beaches whose country’s guidebooks we have yet to look at). I know that we won’t be able to take the time to relax at them all, but man, there’s no better place to recharge after a bustling city or a weeklong trek. So here’s to hoping we find the time to settle in a few times at a cozy beach cabana and relax a day or two away.

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  1. Beaches are my favorite park about travel. When you get to Thailand, there will be GREAT beaches.
    In fact when you get to Thailand, I might be there and will take you to some hidden gems myself. As long as you promise not to tell anyone about them…

    The real secret though are the beaches in Cambodia!!! but shhhhh

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