In honor of us heading to to pub quiz tonight instead of doing all the things we need to do, see if you can get the trivia questions that we couldn’t get (and a couple we guessed right on). No cheating now kids (google, for our purposes, is not your friend!). We’ll post the right answers in the comments soon.

1. What river is the only river to flow in both the northern and southern hemispheres?

2. What country has the largest man-made waterfall?

3. What European capital’s name means “Merchant’s Harbor”?

4. What country in Europe has the longest continuous royal family?

5. What city is still threatened by Mt. Vesuvius?

6. What country was Elvis stationed in in 1958?

7. In what country do they drive on both the left and right side of the road?

Post your guesses/answers in the comments, and we’ll post the right answers in due time, though surely you’ll have them all answered before then!

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  1. This could be fun! (Hi, by the way, I’ve been reading your blog secretly/anonymously for a little while now.) I like geography trivia, although I don’t think I can answer all the questions without Google. I’ll probably look up the answers after I post my answers here, just because I can’t stand not knowing.

    1. Nile? (But that seems like too easy/obvious of an answer, so it can’t be correct.)
    2. ??
    3. Copenhagen
    4. Monaco?
    5. Pompeii? (Is it considered to be a city? If not, I’ll guess Naples.)
    6. Korea? Germany? (I have no clue.)
    7. China? (I only guess this because I know they drive on the left in Hong Kong, and in the mainland, they drive on the right.)

    So yeah, I definitely don’t know the answers to most of these, but it was fun anyway. 🙂

  2. Elvis was in Germany and that’s where he met Pricilla who’s father was also in the Army (I think–could definitely be wrong), but I don’t have a clue about the rest of them…

  3. Yes, Elvis was in Germany. I think he now lives in Tweed, Ontario, Canada.

    I only knew Elvis and the volcano one. If you asked some Asian questions I might be more knowledgeable.

    I love pub quizzes. My mates and I won one a few years back.

  4. We were rocking the pub quiz last night until some of our team members had a case of lost focus brought on by too much alcohol. Though our overall score was kind of sad, we did win the first round, which got us 40% off our food bill. Not too shabby.

  5. Let’s see…

    1. Nile
    2. United States of America
    3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    4. Vatican City [we’re all brothers (and sisters) in Jesus!]
    5. Naples
    6. Germany
    7. Australia

  6. 1. nile.
    2. Panama? Does the canal count?
    3. Copenhagen
    4. britain
    5. Pompeii doesn’t count?
    6. no clue. (note to self: take that trip to graceland you’ve been promising yourself)
    7. theresa and i both know that they drive on any part of the road they darn well want to in Greece.

  7. Good guesses all, I suppose with Theresa bumping this out of top billing, I will divulge the answers to you all.

    1. Nobody got it. We said Nile too, as its the only one that seems to make sense (though we thought long and hard about the Amazon. But it is in fact the Congo.

    2. This might’ve been the randomest pub quiz question I’ve ever had, but the answer is Italy. Who knew? I wonder where or what it is? In Venice maybe?

    3. I was able to get this one with my Swedish background (first time I think its come in handy outside Sweden). Copenhagen in Danish is København, Köp in swedish is shop, hamn is port/harbor.

    4. Wendy got it, its Monaco. I never had a clue and don’t know anything else about it.

    5. Pompeii is not so much a city any more, the threatened city is Naples. Theresa spent a lot of time thinking about this one and which in city they could see Vesuvius from their hostel balcony.

    6. Buncha people got this one, it was Germany indeed.

    7. China! Hong Kong drives on the left (being formerly under British rule), while the rest of the country drives on the right. I think we said India, not realizing this until after. Though we also agreed the real answer was most of the world, since they all drive wherever they can.

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