My Own Martin Luther

Currently, Jeff and I are out enjoying Sweden’s archipelago, visiting three tiny islands in a matter of three days. (You know us, we can’t stay in one place for too long.) We’re hoping to come back with good stories and great photos, but we didn’t want to leave you high and dry while we’re gone. What’s a Sunday evening without a Lives of Wander post?

So here are a few nice photos of Jeff nailing his thesis, which he did on Friday afternoon, thereby taking the last step before his actual defense on September 26. He didn’t challenge the pope or rail on about indulgences in his “Recessive Parkinsonism, Mitochondria, and Translational Regulation,” but he looked just a bit Martin Luther-like as he hammered his thesis up in the library of Karolinska Institute. I’m not sure this particular thesis will have quite the world-changing effect of good ol’ Martin Luther’s, but hey, Luther was nearly 34 when he nailed his famous 95-Thesis to the door of Wittenburg’s Castle Church, so just give Jeff seven years. Then, look out world.

Starting out with a smile

He started out nailing it gently with a smile, and then started whacking the heck out of it, as you can see by the hammer action and the concentrated look on his face.

Showing off the final work with his mentor Lars to his right and me on his left.

We celebrate the fact that his thesis is now nailed to the library wall with a little bubbly.

Most of Jeff’s lab came out to support him (or at least to partake in the free food and drink).

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  1. That is so much cooler than my professor saying, “Bind 3 copies and throw them on my esk before you leave tonight. We’ll talk about it in your comps.”

    Congratulations. Freedom is near!

  2. Congratulations to yet another step completed -and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures, – thanks Theresa! Do you know if the nailing of the thesis is specific to Karolinska or is that always done in Sweden?

  3. I was in the UL journal reading room today and noticed a biochem journal that had a very similar cover. I would claim they ripped it off from you, but, by “very similar” I mean it featured some red-colored biochemical thingy. That’s right, I’ve got this biochem language figured out.


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