And So We Give Thanks

For the prevalance of wi-fi and the existence of Skype
For overnight laundry service
For banks that refund ATM fees
For hostels that provide free breakfast
For frequent flyer miles
For bus rides that are shorter than advertised
For take-your-breath-away natural beauty
For much improved exchange rates
For the friendliness of strangers
For stomachs of steel (knock on wood)
For a new U.S. president that makes us so very proud to be American
For the opportunity to travel the world for a year
For family and friends who support even our wildest dreams

We hope that each of you has as many things to be thankful for as we do. We’re off today for five days of hiking in Torres del Paine, so don’t expect to hear from us again until next Tuesday at the earliest, but know that we’ll be thinking of you and being thankful for your presence in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

9 Replies to “And So We Give Thanks”

  1. Theresa, you are always good for a surprise. I guess all your family is busy with the turkey, since nobody replied to your oh so fitting prayer – Happy Thanksgiving to the two of you!

  2. We truly do have much to be thankful for. We had a great dinner and we didn’t talk about you and Jeff too much in a bad way. You know the rule,”if you don’t show up, we can talk about you.” I can’t begin to write down all that I have to be thankful for, there’s just too many people and things. Enjoy your hike and I hope to hear from you soon. We are getting ready to leave for Ashland. I hope you GPS gets us there since we never received directions and Dad got the address from his mom.

  3. I,too have so very many gifts to be thankful for. One of these is for a wonderful godchild/niece and her loving husband. We missed you all yesterday but we all knew you all were living your dream! Beautiful prayer !

  4. Seems the unanimous opinion at dinner was that we were not thankful for you and Jeff, nor did we miss you.

    Wait, only Greg and Mark voiced such an opinion.

    You will have to ask them what that’s about.

  5. Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic thanks to MJ! We missed you…or did we. we certainly talked about you all and the 4 hour grocery trip – which we still don’t understand. have fun sliding around the world!

    Happy Thanksgiving! We love you guys! LISA

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