The Little Things

Last week when I saw my brother Gregory off at the airport, I felt sad to see him go. But I wasn’t just sad that he was leaving, I also felt a tiny bit jealous, jealous that he was going home.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what we’re doing. We’ve seen phenomenally beautiful places. We’ve meet incredibly friendly people. We’ve had experiences that others dream of. And there are so many more places, people, and experiences ahead of us, and I’m excited about all of them. But after three months on the road, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss home…at least a little bit.

So what do I miss? Well, of course, I miss the big things, like Christmas at home with my family, but mainly I miss the little things. I miss lazy weekends with tuna fish sandwiches, chips, and pickles for lunch and NFL games on the TV all afternoon. I miss getting to gawk at all my newly engaged friends’ rings in person rather than via e-mail. I miss conversations with my co-worker Jessica about what we had for dinner last night and what books we’re reading. I miss spicy tuna rolls, chicken salad sandwiches, cooking dinner in a fully-stocked kitchen, and grabbing snacks from a well-stocked refrigerator. I miss driving. I miss random phone calls from friends. I miss having enough underwear to avoid choosing between washing my underwear in the sink or just rewearing them. I miss sleeping in a bed that I know is comfortable and between sheets that I know are clean. I miss being able to get my hair cut without fearing I’ll end up with a mullet, and I miss the occasional good hair day.

Like I said, it’s the little things, the things we normally take for granted, the things that seem basic, regular, normal, that I miss most. Really, I think in the end, on the days when I feel a twinge of homesickness, what I miss most is just that: normality. So right after Gregory left, when I was feeling a bit blue, we did the best thing we could: we lounged around in a fairly comfortable bed, made tuna fish sandwiches for lunch, and watched the NFL on TV. And as excited as I am about the adventures we have coming up in the next few weeks—the Galapagos, am Amazon lodge, and much more—for that one day, I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

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  1. It’s always the little things that do it, whether it’s the little things you miss from home or the little things you observe and experience on the road. They will be what you remember most.

    “Normal” days are a necessity from time to time for us. Sometimes it’s just wonderful to spend the day reading and sneaking spoonfuls of peanut butter!

  2. And I always thought you hated driving. We miss you all too and can’t wait to see you soon. Obviously this down time has allowed you more time to think of things other than your travel. Guess it is time to get moving again. I know all the places you are going will be fantastic and the adventures unforgettable. I bet the tuna fish sandwich was the best. Love ya!

  3. Wow, three months already! Does it feel like it’s gone by quickly for you? To me it seems like you guys just left.

    I hope your down time leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the next leg of your trip!

  4. I remember that exact feeling! After about 2 months the adventure got a little tiring. My best advice is that if things start to wear you down too much; find a beach and read some trashy novels for a week. This was the best thing we did when the adventure got wearisome.

  5. I remember eating tuna fish sandwiches with you in Greece… except they were on pita (delicious) with some gouda (mmmm delicious) and then watching the two episodes of Friends that came on Saturday afternoons… I remember how much we enjoyed having that bit of normalcy, in a much more stable environment, so I can imagine how nice it must have been! If it makes you feel any better, I’m staying constantly jealous of all your non-normalcy! Miss you!

  6. Theresa, These are your dad’s comment as he was reading your blog:
    She likes to drive?
    About the underwear: too much information.
    And he thinks you might look good with a mullet !

  7. Kate—we totally ate our tuna on pita (because Lima has the best grocery stores I have seen since we left the U.S.) and I thought of us and all our weekends in Greece.

    As for the driving, I don’t think I miss the actual act of driving, as much as having a car and the freedom to go where I want when I want.

    And Mark and Lisa, you’re right: I don’t miss winter weather!

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