You Vote! Where Next?

So you’re probably wondering just how many “Where Next?” posts we can manage to get up on our blog. Well, friends, this is the last one, and this post requires that you pitch in and help. What we need you to tell us is exactly where we ought to go next.

You see, very shortly after we returned to the States, we did a lot of flying around within the country. In the process, we managed to get bumped from a flight. I know that might sound bad to a lot of you, but Jeff and I often pray to get bumped, especially if we’re not on a tight schedule. We love the vouchers that come with volunteering to give up your seat.

On the specific flight for which we got bumped, we got especially lucky. We were only delayed by two hours, got a free lunch while we waited, and were handed vouchers of $600 each. $600! That’s a lot…especially considering it was only a 30 minute-long flight we got bumped from.

In summary, here’s the deal. We each have $600 in credit toward a flight. The credit expires next October. The credit must be used through Delta, so the flight must be on Delta or with a partner who will allow us to book the trip through Delta.

Now your job: tell us where to go! Come on, we know some of you have just been dying to do that. Don ‘t pretend otherwise.

Here’s the criteria:

  1. We’d prefer not to have to pay anything out of pocket for the flight but could be convinced to pitch in a little bit of dough if necessary.
  2. We have to work within the confines of being working Americans, meaning we can’t take month long trips.
  3. We’re open to domestic or international destinations.
  4. We’d like to keep the budget on the lower end. We just bought a house, people; funds are limited.

So what do you suggest? Give us your best scenario.

6 Replies to “You Vote! Where Next?”

  1. Gregory, I better be able to get to Chicago for less than $600! Don’t worry, visiting you is on our list. So where else, I guess I should ask. And don’t say Yellowstone. That’s already on the schedule and doesn’t require a plane ticket (except to Chicago).

  2. Want to join me and Jack in Turks and Caicos in March? We’re going scuba diving! I’m excited to dive again, plus we’ll be dying to see the sun by then.

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