American Images at 70 MPH

The drive between DC and Louisville passes through almost no cities; the college towns of Morgantown, West Virginia and Lexington, Kentucky are the metropolises of this route. In the place of large cities, however, lies 600 miles of authentic rural America. We saw this America as we blew by at 70 mph on the large interstate highways. To be honest, this project was inspired by the gigantic crane advertising the county fair we saw leaving DC off of which two items were hanging: a monster truck, and a gigantic flowing American flag. Nothing could be more appropriate.  Outside of that fantastic image we could not capture, here are images of the scenery that struck us.

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  1. One of my favorite pics I took from a moving vehicle. It was on the ride down to Austin in Jan ’06(?) when the Dallas(?) wildfires were burning. I took all kinds of pictures of the sunset + smoke, but the one I like the best was actually taken shooting forward while sitting in the passenger seat. The ceiling and dash of the car frame the pic to look like a panoramic picture. Cool stuff.
    I was joking about the speed, btw.

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